Sunday, July 13

Maureen Dowd Versus The Mass Disappearance of Amphibians: Which Is The More Frightening Bellwether of Human Stupidity Run Amok?

HOW long, O Times, how long?

The girls were impossibly cute and charming and a tribute to the Obamas’ parenting. When Malia said she enjoyed decorating and was most excited about a possible move to the White House because she’d have a new bedroom to dress up, it made me want to see the Obama girls in the White House no matter who wins.

The same piece [Warning: Don't go there] quotes a Margaret Carlson bon mot. From Hardball. And the Times actually scruples to print comics.


Mo MoDo said...

Quoting Carlson is better than Dowd coming up with a bon mot herself.

Grace Nearing said...

As Margaret Carlson told Mike Barnicle on “Hardball,” in a segment called “Is Obama Too Cool?,” about whether he relates to average Americans, sometimes you just want to tell the guy, “Eat the doughnut.”

As Grace Nearing commented to anyone willing to read the comments in "Doghouse Riley," in response to a post called Maureen Dowd Versus the Mass Disappearance of Amphibians, about whether Dowd deserves space on the NYT's op/ed page, sometimes you just want to tell the overpaid, overpraised hack, "Shut the f*ck up."

Neil Benson said...

What most people don't realize is that Maureen Dowd is a fully functional android who has been posing as a human being for many years. Unfortunately the programming is developing errors as it gets older. Her lack of humanity explains why she is unable to understand human behaviors and emotions.

Anonymous said...

In both an attempt at rational time-management and a policy of self-preservation, I avoid Maureen - but when I read your quote, Doghouse, I was tempted to think, "aw, she's showing her softer side." Then, wondering if this could really be so, I followed the link, and oh, brother.

I have to stand agog at her ability to work a slam at one of the Clintons into anything, absolutely anything, she decides to subject to her mental processes.

Li'l Innocent

Ed said...

I am tempted to spend time on an eloquent, detailed comment, but I'll cut to the chase: Maureen Dowd is a fucking retard.

Buttermilk Sky said...

"And the Times actually scruples to print cartoons."

With David Brooks, William Kristol and MoDo, who needs "Dilbert"
and "The Family Circus"?