Saturday, January 31

Fun With Monogamy, Vol. MMDCCCI

POOR WIFE: You know it's my birthday next week, right? Have you bought my present yet?

RILEY: How many does this make, dear?


RILEY: See, I knew that would shut you up.

POOR WIFE: Quiet! I'm counting.


Kathy said...

Flowers are always welcome. Candy, not so much. I like white spider-mums myself. ASK her what she wants for a gift. Then get it, NOT something "better".

Candy said...

Hey, Candy is dandy, Kathy! ;-)

That's good advice, though. Ask her what she wants. Some people love a surprise, but speaking for myself, I'd much rather get something I really want than something I have to pretend to like.

As a single mom who'd just bought an older home, every year when my aunt would ask me what I wanted for Xmas I would say, "A drill! I really need a drill." Every year she'd chuckle when I said that, and come Xmas day, I'd unfold the wrapping to find a new sweater and a bottle of cologne. I never did get that drill. I finally bought a cheap one that never worked well. They spent more on the sweater and cologne than a drill would have cost. I guess my aunt, who never had to do anything like that around the house, couldn't imagine that I would really want a drill more than an admittedly lovely sweater and nice cologne. I did like the gift, but when you try to hang a picture with a glass bottle of J'adore, it doesn't work that well.

heydave said...

I think the trick is to use the cologne to persuade an available handyman to hang the picture for you.
At least I seem to fall for that.