Friday, August 14

Friday Last Month Garden Blogging

THE degradations of August, moderate so far in the cool and damp, haven't prevented picture-taking nearly as much as the fact that every last fucking time I've been outdoors in the last two weeks something bites me and leaves a welt that itches for five days. So here's last month's:

American dagger moth caterpillar

Second flush of Gruss an Aachen ("Jerry")

New coleus my neighbor gave me sans ID

Club moss

Left to right: bee balm, golden oregano, meadowsweet,
Lady's mantle, cat the neighbor child named
"e.e. cummings" or "Edgar Lee Masters" or something


Murfyn said...


D. Sidhe said...

That coleus is gorgeous. And I have a soft spot for club mosses. Very nice garden, sorry about the welts.

StringonaStick said...

It's been so wet here in Colorado this year that the same damned bug thing has been happening. And as proof that the END TIMES are upon us, I watched two hummingbirds do their aerial dog fighting for a bit, and then decide to SHARE the food source in question (an agastache). Those cute little bastards never share; what's a slightly paranoid lib to think?

susi said...

like your pictures.