Friday, August 7

Lost Your Stammer, Too, I See

LOOK, nobody is calling you Traitors, or Fifth Columnists. Nobody in the administration I've heard has invoked "Time of War". This President hasn't said anything about your "handing our enemies a victory". And maybe they should; I remain unconvinced there's a High Road the Democrats could find on a map, and skeptical about whether they should take it, or if that's even theoretically possible in our current political climate. And I'll just leave it to Centrist Democrats and their legion of post-partisan supporters to figure out when enough of you is enough.

I got to wondering, though, yesterday, toiling over the wisdom of Ross Douthat, how it is that in a time where terrorist attacks on US soil grow increasingly likely with each passing month and each retelling, you're willing to try to weaken the Commander-in-Chief for crass political gain (Socialism? Yeah, too bad that Trickster didn't run on a platform of National Health Care.)? Instead of, say, staying home and double-shitting yourselves?

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