Saturday, August 29

You Said It

R. PORROFATTO, at Roy's:

In the liberloons' world, brandishing a weapon isn't the least bit intimdating, except when they're talking about how much it deters crime.

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Escaped Waco Alive said...

Had some excitement at the ranch today. A 9mm bullet hole in the garage door. Yep, we called the sheriff since we live out of the city limits and two cars came. We searched the garage for the slug but couldn't find it. Obviously the garage needs some cleaning.

Anyway, seems it was a stray bullet fired from a nearby gun range or just someone shooting. This is Texas.

The deputies wrote it up as a deadly conduct report. Perhaps I will get around to cleaning out the garage and finding the bullet.

I don't know to repair it or leave it as a peep hole.

Good times....