Wednesday, June 13

The Fuck You Society

SHORTER Elizabeth MacDonald: Of course the Fed finds the median US household net worth has plummeted. The economy sucks! This proves that the government should not support the economy. Besides, the data is so 18 months ago.

And yet the Fox Branch of Government, along with its subsidiaries in Congress and elsewhere, insist that this November's election should be about the economy.

Because we desperately need a government that realizes it can't do anything. Or, put another way, after thirty years through the Looking Glass, the Republican party has discovered that its economic wing is more metaphysically zonked than its religious nuts.

Last Sunday, Absentee Governor and Retired Lawn Ornament Mitch Daniels went on FOXNews to call for an end to public-sector unions. Sorta. Daniels is from the wing of the party which doesn't like to say that sort of thing without the required hemming and hawing necessary to prevent it from being held accountable for the crazy shit it's going to do anyway.

It should be noted here that 1) Daniels claims to be a Randian, of the Christian division; 2) Daniels "took a year" to decide whether he supported Indiana's Right to Work bill, or whether the people who were paying him to "run" for "President" were against it; and 3) to my knowledge, the term "public sector unions", as opposed to the unionized state employees he screwed back in 2005, has never crossed the man's lyin' lips, not while he was within the state of Indiana and eligible for reelection. Not in public, anyway. Because public sector unions comprises, among others, police and fire unions. Because Hoosiers may not have much use for teachers, or road crews, but they sure want cops around to keep the coloreds from burning their houses down.

Is this really what this election should come down to? Is it really someone's definition of "economy"? Eliminate public unions, and our wealthy job creators will be free to create jobs, namely, security guards and private bucket brigades.

Was the 2012 election really decided when Big Donors chose up sides in 2010?

Is this really the United States of America in the 21st century? Don't tell me.

Do we really have to relive the excesses of the fucking Gilded Age just because rich people won the 1980 Presidential election?

This is the program which has failed, publicly and demonstrably, time and again, since. Incontinent tax cutting and irresponsible regulation are precisely what got us here. And they are promoted by the likes of Mitch Daniels, public liars, political cowards, and "principled" men who won't actually do anything except accompanied by a new moon, and the sort of massive PR campaign which convinces Americans to eat pig anus stuffed with bacon and cheese.

If it's so wise then let's go all in. Let's begin by eliminating corporate welfare, sweetheart oil and gas leasing, foreign investment credits, securities regulation, the public prop under markets, the insurance game, medical and scientific research, corn subsidies, NASA, interstate highways, and the featherbedding benefits of US military and government employees, whose health and retirement benefits are an order of magnitude beyond what the poor private sector worker is handed. Let's finish turning our schools over to anybody who'll teach for minimum wage, and let's return the ancient right to capture anything that flies over your property to the people. How much have we saved so far? Surely an economy based on big-ticket military gadgets, Starbuck's, and private space travel is just what the Founders envisioned.

And let's see who survives.


prairie curmudgeon said...

"The U.S. can get its spending mojo back" by what she says? By poor housing the middle class? God, this FOX bitch should give us some more examples of how the US can get its fucking spending mojo back by cutting back more spending. Like she can stop using toilet paper and wipe her big ass on the bumper of her Cadillac SUV Escalade for starters. She doesn't need to wipe it all over the inter tubes. I mean "FUCK!"

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Was the 2012 election really decided when Big Donors chose up sides in 2010?

It might have helped if Obama and company had decided to help the people who voted for them in 2008, rather than just sucking off the banksters and doing their Reagan Administration impersonation.

Fiddlin' Bill said...

Well Thunder, "Obama and Company" did get a pretty big health care system modification in place, and rescued the nation's most visible manufacturing sector from disaster. What they didn't do was realize how incredibly important the mid-term election was, nor did they understand the true depth of malfeasance to which the GOP was willing to sink. Maybe you should write in Nader in November? That'll teach somebody a lesson. Maybe not you, but somebody... Meanwhile, Obama and every other Democratic candidate must live in the real system that's been constructed since the Eisenhower Administration vainly warned the electorate about the oligarchy that threatens to utterly consume the country. Errr, just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm always a day late and a dollar short, I just heard about Michael Lewis' commencement speech at Princeton reminding them of noblesse oblige. Glad somebody recognizes that since way too many don't.

Fiddlin' Bill said...

I thought "job creation" was what noblesse oblige demanded, assuming you can get from "ought" to "is." Isn't that the Romney line? It's all at the providence of the very rich. That's why we have to keep them happy with more and more tax breaks.

prairie curmudgeon said...

All of the nonsense we will hear and read about this year is based upon the almost universally accepted assumption that growth is needed to bring our capitalist civilization out of its low growth blues. And of course no one in any power or money position of authority will be questioning whether we can continue to grow based upon our luxuriant consumption of energy and resources or what the likely outcome will be if we attempt to do so. Advantage Romney and the "Fuck You Society".

Brian M said...

prairie curmudgeon is right...the problems are far deeper than our narrwoly focused discussion so far.

Even the Occupy people are mostly interested in getting their Merit Class young asses back on a gravy train that cannot be sustained.

scripto said...

"And the debts, like the sins of the fathers, shall be visited upon the children, aye, even unto the third and fourth generations"

Pro Landon radio ad Liberty at the Crossroads 1936

Should happen any minute now. If not, we can use the same un-sustainability argument 85 years from now.

Weird Dave said...

I know I've said this before, but nice tag. Again.

Also, it may be a little gauche of me to ask this, but isn't the prefix of the post title "I've got mine"?