Friday, June 1

His Lips Are Moving, Too, But It's Mitch Daniels, So You Didn't Need To Ask

RANDIAN Cultist, fifty-year Christian, and pint-sized paragon of Good Government Mitch "Flea" Daniels travelled to DC this week for the unveiling of the seriocomic portrait of seriocomic president George W. Bush and, naturally, was in big demand to speak to the sort of groups who want his advice on how to continue to fuck America over for their own benefit. Mitch told a Reason Foundation assembly that he wasn't interested in being Mitt Romney's Secretary of Transportation. One gets the impression, from his recent string of snippy public episodes of the sort his handlers had kept in check for the last six years or so that the Romney campaign has sent word to Daniels that come next January he's going to be seated below the salt.

Anyway, Mitch said his real reason for going to Washington was to fight New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman's amendment which would exempt privatized roadways from the Federal tax calculation. This would cut $42 million from Indiana's highway funding, the amount which the Hoosier state currently receives for maintenance on the Indiana Toll Road, which Daniels auctioned off (privately) in 2006.

So help me, there are times when I actually begin to suspect the man really believes his own bullshit.


Teresa said...

In GOP eyes Amerika don't need no stinking assets. Amerika owes to GOP executive cronies to give them piles of money.

Cato the Censor said...

Mitch Daniels should be beaten with red-tipped staves, stuffed in a leather sack with a dog, a monkey, a rooster, a poisonous snake, and a copy of Atlas Shrugged, and thrown into the Mississippi to drown.

GOP delenda est!

Anonymous said...

I recommend the "This American Life" episode titled, "A House Divided" which is about how people in Wisconsin used to get along before Walker came along. Same for Hoosiers but it's a shame that once someone loses their job, pension, home, etc., they can be so callous about their neighbor but then again, isn't that what the divide and conquer strategy is all about?