Sunday, June 3

Reassurance From An Unexpected Source

NAMELY, this blog. Look, if John Kerry, Mitch Daniels, and Peggy Noonan are on the guest list at that Bilgeburger Conference then it almost certainly is Evil, and guaranteed not to be possessed of Genius.

And Jeez Louise, Rich People are needier than a claque of junior-high slumber partyists, aren't they?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Consider that alternative:

Their boots are so firmly placed on our throats, they can afford to invite idiots like Lady Peggington Noonington.

mzrad said...

I'm always glad I temper my US news reading with some UK sources, where this meeting has been much more thoroughly covered than it has here in the US. Except by Wonkette.