Saturday, October 29

C-List Punditocracy Roundup

I had only about an hour to spend with the cable wall-to-wall Friday, and now I'm kicking myself for not setting up a tape, but I did catch a couple highlights:

• Even a blind crackpot whose balls are in his sister's purse can find the obvious on occasion:

"The President needs to change the subject."

--Pat Buchanan

• But what do the reasonable people think?

"Critics say there's a line between hardball and criminal activity."

--Bill Schneider

• The Over/Under is "When all you fucks are in prison":

"I don't know when Paul [Begala] and his party are going to stop arguing about the war."
--Gary Bauer


Anonymous said...

re Bauer:

From Joe vs. the Volcano:
"I'm not arguing that. I'm not arguing that. I'm not arguing that. I know he can get the job, I'm asking can he do the job."

We aren't arguing about the war. We were right on every single count.

Now the argument is what are the consequences for the acts of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors committed?

Republican party platform: "The era of personal responsibility has ended."

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Doghouse. And you too, bunny.
Made me laugh, especially the Schneider thing. Do these people listen to themselves at all?

And, yeah, getting the job is almost always easier than doing the job. Which means people who feel they deserve the best possible job they can get hired for are in charge, and that's not a good thing, because none of them could be bothered to settle for the best possible job they can *do well*.
People who get more satisfaction from a job title than from an actual job well done are shallow, short-sighted, image-obsessed, and have a raging sense of arrogant entitlement. In a word, they're republicans.

eRobin said...

• The Over/Under is "When all you fucks are in prison":

ROFLMAO That's about when I'll consider starting to bring the conversation to a close.