Wednesday, July 5


I was sloughing my way through Right Blogtopia on a secret project this AM, and I noticed that the failure of the North Korean long-range rocket test was the source of some guffawing (for example see, if you wish, Neanderpundit, Rotweiller, or GOP Vixen, who gets extra credit for managing a Lewinsky reference. Really.)

[Mr. Riley, trained as an anthropologist, tries to manage a rueful smile these days whenever he hears 21st century Americans speak as if the ballpoint pen, the steam-driven phonograph, and the cell phone were all the product of a superior intellect on their own part. It's not always easy.]

I haven't had the time to check the archives of the aforementioned chortlers to see if they, like their high-traffic counterparts were routinely ignoring the test before its satisfying plop and fizz, but still: 1) ain't you the same folks who drove up the price of Depends™ on the idea that Iran wanted to start a nuke program? 2) doesn't the mere existence of the program itself sorta--what's the word?--oh, repudiate all the posturing of the last five years? and 3) funny when it's your ox getting gored how fey little swipes at the UN serve in place of screaming outrage and calls for Congressional investigations or impeachment.

To be fair neither the Dog nor the Fox exactly spare the Bush administration, but I'll believe that's a result of learning a hard lesson when they're cleaning up after the John Murtha ticker-tape parade.


Anonymous said...

I demand public scourging to atone for the sin of voting Bush. Anyone who voted for him twice, free antipsychotics for life.

Mudge said...

I see that the U.S. has talked to Japan and South Korea to discuss what to do now. I'd have probably figured this out when the North Koreans were fueling up and announcing the test..

But being prepared is so 90s..

punkinsmom said...

Extra credit for using the word fey and not coming across as such.