Friday, September 7

I (Heart) Digby

And needless to say, all these recent portraits show a man who is unrecognizable as the hero of Bob Woodward's "Bush At War." That hasn't yet been adequately explained by him or anyone else.


Julia said...

because the price of Bob Woodward being in a position to give us the inside view of history is that Bob Woodward doesn't ever tell us what's going onn.

Cheez. I thought everybody knew that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Julia's right.

But I did get the creeping sensation from reading little gobbets of Bushwah At Wah on various blogs, that W somehow managed to *impress* Woodward.

That is what I don't understand. From the first time I saw his squinchy mug back in early 2000, and heard his grating and completely graceless delivery of pre-boiled platitudes carrying no more hint of sincerity than Nixon's smarm about Pat's good cloth coat, I pegged the man as, at best, a dangerously empty dud.

I'm no prognosticator either, but about that I was right. He must have some behind-the-scenes juju that works on people like Woodward, Karen Hughes, Harriet Miers, Gonzo... or is it the glamour of Old Wealth that gets to them?

Li'l Innocent

Anonymous said...

Brevity, thy name is Julia. I don't think I've ever seen this expressed more succinctly.