Tuesday, September 25

Of A Cultural Phenomenon Called Ahmadinejad

MY thoughts, yesterday, turned to the inexorable pain of Time's One-Way arrow, the same way that in some vacant moment or nostalgic repose you'll imagine yourself saying the winning thing to the girl you didn't win, the thing you know you couldn't have said because it requires an adult perspective you didn't have then.

Just so, I thought: how great it would have been to have transported Hitler to the New York of the 30s, and let Lee Bollinger end the Second World War before it began by giving him a real tongue lashing.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Future topic...history as if WW2 never happened.

Would we have fewer bungalows?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Adolf could have carried off the condescending smirk with such elan.

yellojkt said...

Perhaps a strongly worded letter to the editor could have been as effective.

heydave said...

Ooh, here's a grat story on the Fearless Sighter of Evil: http://www.distantocean.com/2007/09/lee-bollinger-f.html