Thursday, September 14

Big Deal. There've Been Four Star Trek Spinoffs, And That's Just Since 1968.

George W. "Third Awakening" Bush, the only soap-opera star who takes those "Don't trust Melissa. She's just using you to get to Brad." fan letters seriously:
Bush noted that some of Abraham Lincoln's strongest supporters were religious people "who saw life in terms of good and evil" and who believed that slavery was evil. Many of his own supporters, he said, see the current conflict in similar terms.

Yeah. Not to mention everything else.

If there's any similarity between the First Two Great Awakenings and general religious fervor today it would be the rather blasé attitude about theological consistency. Otherwise, one question:

Where is it?

Not in church attendance. You don't have to take Barna's word for that, just drive around next Sunday morning and try to get yourself into a traffic jam. It's not in personal accountability. The public face of religion in America has for thirty years now been about pointing fingers at others' shortcomings and ACLU-led compulsory atheism, and the big box churches now on every street corner are well-known for their over-egged ear pudding messages. It's not in a new inclusiveness, of the sort which reached out to blacks and poor whites in the 18th century, and it's certainly not in the confrontation of anti-Christian treatment of minorities, however much the religious right enjoys portraying itself as modern-day Abolitionists. Christians are still portraying themselves as 1st century lion bait, for that matter, with as little justification.

It's a bit curious, from Bush's stated perspective, that revivalism hasn't done much to boost his poll numbers. On the other hand, it's no real surprise he reports receiving so many letters from Americans of strong religious belief. Why, the very act of writing a letter to George Bush could test the limits of one's faith.


the bunny said...

Oh, my! Someone has been coaching the boy wonder. However, "Coach" seems to have missed two "Awakenings." Of course, since the later two were sources of liberal gains in American Society, "Coach" is obviously one of George's companions from the very small set of crazy-ass pseudo-christians who are allowed to talk to the monkey king.
And thus the source of "...more open expressions of faith among people he meets during his travels..." He lives in an echo chamber. He talks only to people who travel with him.

PS: Thanks for catching this one.

punkinsmom said...

Why, the very act of writing a letter to George Bush could test the limits of one's faith.

Funniest line of the day.