Tuesday, September 26

Happy Birthday

George Gershwin
September 26, 1898--July 11, 1937


Heydave said...

I was a mere child when I first heard Rhapsody in Blue; it was mesmerizing. On thorugh early adult life, never ran into it again, for whatever reason. Began to believe that it was a fabrication of the mind. Then ran across it late one night in my 30's... and the world was better.

Stephen Green said...

Somehow, as an adolescent, I got it into my mind that this was one cool dude. Nothing I've learned over the last 35 years, though I've come to know he was much more complex and, well, odd, than I knew then, has lead me to believe otherwise.

eRobin said...

Love him. My boss looks a lot like Gershwin so I spend a lot of time thinking about him these days.