Tuesday, September 26

That's Fucked Up

Channel 13 Hairwitness News intro: "Some Colts fans upset over alleged halftime music."

No, it's about the story, not just the hair-brained [sic] use of "alleged" there, which is an actual quote. Local news actually made a story out of this:
The Colts' play on the field gave fans plenty to cheer about, but there were jeers when it came to one of the songs played inside the RCA Dome.

The song "Go To Church" by Ice Cube, Lil Jon and Snoop Dog contains profanity and fans thought some of that bad language aired on the in-house sound system.

Item: I haven't attended a game in about three years, but it's a goddam Dome, and the sound is cranked to 11, and my guess is it's still louder than the Blue Angels taking off directly over your head *. Loud enough that unless you know the words I'm guessing you'd be hard-pressed to pick any out.

Item: Sample:

Yo if you're fucked up, put your cups up
Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, nigga what's up
See he's a gangster, I'm a hustler
Yo it's either thank ya, or it's fuck ya
[Lyrics courtesy songs-lyrics.blogspot.com]

And the thing about that is I could have cut-and-pasted practically any four lines at random. So:

Item: I'm guessing that is not the version they played. Which seems to be backed up by what the Colts' spokesman said, and I'm paraphrasing here:

"That's not the version we played."

Item: So my sense here is that maybe, just maybe, the folks at Channel 13 knew all along they didn't play any motherfuckin' obscene lyrics but the story was just too good not to use. Call me a cynic.

Item: The Colts also announced that, despite the apparently misunderstanding, they would never, ever, ever, play that song again, because "We want to see kids at our games and we want them to have a good time and we want parents to not have to worry about what songs are played. We have to be more diligent in just screening the songs." Because God knows when you take the kids out for a wholesome afternoon of sitting just in front of several half-naked beer-swilling sports fans in blue body paint and silver glitter, the last thing you'd expect is to hear any profanity.

*Actually happened to me, May 1964, when my Dad took me to see them at the airport, for some unknown reason, although now that I think about it watching planes take off was still a popular spectator sport in the Midwest in them days. There were about six cars parked at the end of a runway and a bunch of guys milling around, and I figured we were about to see them take off across our line of sight when suddenly they roared off maybe a hundred feet over our heads. Two hundred decibels, easy. It would have drowned out the Who.


D. Sidhe said...

Why couldn't they have just played that "Hey" song by that nice Gary Glitter? I'm sure the parents wouldn't have minded.

golombek said...

Showing my age here, but calling rap or hip-hop "alleged music" sounds about right to me.

harry near indy said...

d. sidhe, the gary glitter song's title is "rock and roll part 2." and ever since glitter's conviction of pedophila -- in 'nam, mind you -- it hasn't been played as much at sporting events as it has been.

and i remember the story, doghouse, and i thought, so what? anything to piss off middle-class white hoosiers is good in my book. that's how much i hate them.

bet the complainers came from carmel.