Wednesday, September 27

Happy Birthday

Asashoryu Akinori (born Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj)
The 68th Yokozuna
born September 27, 1980, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

• 18 Makuuchi Championships
• Only man to win all six honbasho in a single calendar year
• Only man to win seven honbasho in a row
• Won 84 bouts out of 90 in 2005
• Career record: 460-126-17 (.785)
• Yokozuna record: 254-44-17 (.852)
• 4 Zensho Yusho (perfect 15-0 record in basho)


D. Sidhe said...

Hmmm. Believe it or not, I used to know where to find online a couple of cardstock sumo wrestler models. I should see if I can't find them again.

doghouse riley said...

I've seen some Japanese ones which were quite good, but not available here.

Of course, today I wouldn't recognize any of them because fucking ESPN took Sumo off several years ago. The only time I've ever seen Asashoryu was when he was a young sekitori about half his current size (he's still smaller than average). He may be the most amazing athlete on the planet, but we've never seen him win a single tournament in this country, since it might distract from watching golfers smoke between holes. Bastards.

BeginningToWonder said...

Um, wow. Just wow. I wish I could find something more intelligent to say than that, but I can't. You, dear doghouse, do come up with the most amazing information! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

We could really use him as a left guard to replace Hutch.
You're right, sumo are amazing athletes; maybe if they got corporate tatoos, they could get on television.