Sunday, December 9

Happy Birthday

Dalton Trumbo
December 9, 1905--September 10, 1976


kate said...

Hey I just got a used copy of his book, "Johnny Got His Gun" last week. Haven't dived into it yet though.

What you say of this book oh learned one?

md said...

After Trumbo was black-listed he worked under other names for next to nothing.

He wrote Spartacus. When it came time to set the credits Kirk Douglas and Stanley Kubrick were discussing what name to use for Trumbo, Douglas pointed out that he had paid for the movie and the distribution deal was a lock, so they would use Trumbo's name and anybody who objected could fuck themselves.


doghouse riley said...

I read it in high school, where it had a much greater effect on me than On the Road or One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I've no idea what I'd think of it today, but it was the impetus for my reading military history.