Tuesday, December 18

Just Wow.

Kia, at Roy's.


punkinsmom said...

I love the line: Our responsibility does not extend only to the scope of our intentions; it extends to the limit of their consequences.
A lovely and practical take on the old "road to hell" axiom.

James Stripes said...

Thanks for the heads-up. There's quite a bit of illumination in the process of working back through Ali al-Fadhily's report, Michael J. Totten's reaction, Roy's commentary, and the dozens of comments in each of those places.

George Orwell may have had only the dimmest notion of what he was talking about when he observed the tendencies of doublespeak at the onset of the Cold War. Now. we see how Totten's rhetorical prevarications all over Blogsville keep him busy today. Yet, so far he fails to deprive words such as siege of any meanings that might apply to any actual circumstances anywhere in the world, despite a noble effort.

Kia is correct that Totten's "moral compass is bent."

¡El Gato Negro! said...

Totten's inane misdirection is remniscent of Kristol. The difference is that, weeth Totten, the blood stains stop well before the elbows.