Thursday, December 6

My New Favorite Professor

IS Dr. James Stripes, and not just because I am totally stealing his comment that Fred Hampton advocated only the same thing Charlton Heston did, with the (as it turns out, fatal) misapprehension that it might apply equally to African-Americans. (This blog, by the way, is always quick to point out that Heston was one of the Hollywood names who marched with Dr. King back when that was not particularly a wise career move.) Rather, it's because his new blog, Patriots and Peoples discusses issues in American history raised by a comparison of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States and Schweikart and Allen's A Patriot's History of the United States, a great idea in the first place, and the writing is lively, plus I seem a lot smarter by linking to it, except now I have to stop pretending I know anything about the subject. I would have mentioned it sooner, and gotten to Half-Price Books to find cheap copies, except my toe hurts, and if you think that's a joke, you try it.

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kate said...

A very good blog, I'm sending a link to my anthropologist mother who has done a lot of research with different American Indian tribes. In fact her work is now archived at the U of New Mexico, makes me proud.