Sunday, February 24

Fuck David Shuster

YOU gotta be kiddin' me:
"Does it bother me that I was thrown under the bus to pay for the sins of the father? No," he says in an exclusive interview. "As somebody who's covered politics for a while, I understand all the forces that were in play."

A two-week suspension (during which you seem, if anything, to have forgotten that you're the one who apologized) is not being "thrown under the bus". Had you been fired (as you should have been) and become a pariah (only in my dreams, evidently) you would still have not been "thrown under the bus", but simply forced to pay the price for your own actions, bad faith, and failure to uphold simple professional standards (the ones in my dreams, evidently). The "forces at play" are those that determined, one, that MSNBC felt free to slag Senator Clinton, and her family, personally, viciously, without regard for fairness or veracity, and using the lowest forms of playground epithet, and after being called on this in the matter of Chris Matthews either allowed, instructed, or permitted you to continue. (And like you don't know the rules, huh?)

So your non-apology apology is now, officially, a non-apology, and your suspension is now an act of official hypocrisy and economic self-defense. Meaning, I take it, that we're not supposed to believe either you or MSNBC think there's anything really wrong with calling the Clintons felonious panders and their daughter a whore.

Way ahead of you on that one, David.

Say it again: Shuster's self-proclaimed issue was that Chelsea Clinton wouldn't speak to him, David Shuster. It's stupidity beyond belief. This is the United Fucking States of Hi I'm Elvis Costello for Lexis, Hi I'm Will Farrell And My Latest Remake Of Every Movie I've Ever Made While Wearing Humorously Anachronistic Clothing Is Brought To You By Sugar Frosted Shit In A Tube, Eat Some NOW. For fuck's sake. Even assuming Chelsea Clinton is on the hustings because someone's holding a trust fund over her head (though, unlike the Bush Twins, Ms Clinton gives every appearance of being able to survive without one), no one could possibly give a shit about this sort of thing and remain sane.  Here's Shuster refusing to apologize by email to the Clinton campaign, and even refusing to acknowledge that what he said, not his "point", was what was objectionable. It's interesting to note that he manages to express himself for paragraphs at a time without referring to hos or snarfs or the xeriscape of Radical Feminist lady parts.  

And these are the people parsing the "racism" in every Clinton utterance.  

Hey, and while we're at it, a big Doghouse Riley digital steamer to the A-list "lefty" bloggers who, having complained for eight years about what the dreaded Em Ess Em had done to this country, announced that D-Shoe was just guilty of being too honest in his choice of expression.


Fearguth said...

Yes, Doghouse, English is a poor cudgel, except when it is in your hands. However, here lately, you have been using the F-word excessively, a sign that you need a diversion. How 'bout joining me at the Langerado Music Festival in southern Florida? I'll bring the intoxicants, you bring the cat.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold back tell us how you really feel.

Anonymous said...

I don't begrudge Riley's use of the F-bomb, although I'm sure he needn't use it, but damn if the behaviors and situations ain't called for it lately. Its enough to make a thinking human...well, make F-bombs.

Thanks for the link to the affair. Not watching the tube as I won't pay the fare, I appreciate commentary on such antics of the press.

Important to note that a "high level NBC" exec seems to think that apologizing for the most offensive among a series of highly offensive and misogynistic remarks directed at the Clintons amounts to 'caving in' to them.

Well yeah, asshat if giving up a little of the power men like you have robbed from millions of women over the millenia is caving, then let the walls fall and suffocate your ass.

By the way, I post as "kate", but don't understand this new ID system here, so I must come up as anon, but I'm really not.

Grace Nearing said...

Nothing pisses off the media more than a person who does not want to talk with the media. It makes the media so -- what's the word -- irrelevent.

Chelsea's definitely a smart person. Why subject oneself to endless quote distortion and media scrutiny? Better to just smile and wave and work the superdelegates behind the scenes.