Friday, February 22

Say What You Will About Our New Mayor, He Was Right About The Strawberries.

INDIANAPOLIS Racist Star political apologist columnist Matt Tully, a man who appears to be having second thoughts about publicly fellating a rodeo clown, reports that Accidental Mayor Lt. Col. Gomer F. Ballard told a local businessman he'd like to create a Chinatown on the city's southside, and hopes to corner the market on North American cricket.  No, I did not start drinking early.


heydave said...

Oh, man... some of us wait until weekend laundry chores to get stoned.

Julia said...

If he really wants to take on the Bronx (specifically the area in and around Van Cortlandt Park) for Northeastern Cricket Capital, I strongly suggest he do a little reading about the Bronx. Not a group you want to mess with.

Ferrari said...

Jen, your comment reminds me of that line in Casablanca when Rick meets Major Stasser for the first time:

"Well, Major there are certain sections in New York, Major, I wouldn't advise you to try and invade."

Link's dead on the second story. Any chance of getting an updated one? I don't know what to look for.