Friday, February 29

Le Mot Juste

“I was never on his show,” Gore Vidal, with whom Mr. Buckley had a famous feud, said on Thursday. “I don’t like fascism much.”


LittlePig said...

Dying is the best career move Buckley has made in some time. Apparently if one says "Hang the mongrels!" one is despised, but if one says "I reaahly believe the superior white culchahh must immanentize it's perogatives" then Rick Perlstein will say nice things about one in one's eulogy.

How very odd.

R. Porrofatto said...

The picture you have up always reminds me how much the younger Buckley looked like Fritz Weaver in the episode of Twilight Zone where Weaver plays a totalitarian Chancellor. I like to think it was inspired casting on Serling's part.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Anybody who disses Buckley is a pal o' mine.

aimai said...

I love Vidal, that queer class traitor, and that is precisely why buckley et al hated him. He saw through all their pretensions to their real goals.


Mike said...

I guess its time for Buckley to shut his shop, and go for a vacation for lifetime. We don't need one here to make controversies often.
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