Friday, June 9

Happy Birthday

Cole Albert Porter
June 9, 1891 (Peru, Indiana)--October 15, 1964


T.H. said...

in blazing saddles, the foreman of the all-black crew working on the railroad asks the crew to start singing one of those ... i'll put it like this ... negro work songs.

"when you was slaves, you used to sing like birds," the peckerwood said.

so the group, led by cleavon little, breaks into the first lines of i get a kick out of you.


thanks for the reminder, doghouse.

Kathy said...

I didn't know Cole Porter shared a birthday with my (late) mother!

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

My husband once had a date with a certain woman who shared the name of a famed industrialist, chemical owning family. She was sitting in the Hay Adams in D.C. listening to Cole Porter being played on the piano. She smiled at my husband, he said, "I like Cole Porter too."

She said, "Yeah, I just bought the rights to the songs we have been enjoying,"

And yet, the dumb bastard married me.