Monday, June 26

Happy Birthday

Peter Lorre (born Ladislav Löwenstein)
June 26, 1904--March 23, 1964


isabelita said...

He was such a terrific creepy character. And I always loved Marty Feldman's homage to him in "Young Frankenstein."

Anonymous said...

You bloated imbecile! You stupid fat man!

T.H. said...

fyi, a biography of lorre has been published this year. the title is the lost one: a life of peter lorre, and the author is stephen d. youngkin.

i read a review of it in a magazine, and the name of the mag and reviewer escape me now. the review made the point that hollywood misused his talents. iirc, he ended up a morphine addict.


but he was effective in m and the maltese falcon.

chauncey said...

Yes, and not to forget Firesign Theatre's take with Rocky Rococo: "I'm Rocky Rococo, at your cervix."

Anonymous said...

Harry is right about the Lorre biography -- "The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre" by Stephen D. Youngkin. Official website: -- you can find information on the book and Peter himself there, plus tons of photos.

One point, however: Peter became addicted to morphine as a young man, due to a botched gall bladder operation. Unfortunately, he was never able to get off the drug completely, although he did have periods when he was clean and healthy.

You can read all about it in "The Lost One".