Wednesday, June 21

Happy Birthday

Nehemiah Curtis "Skip" James
June 21, 1902--October 3, 1969

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Anonymous said...

My partner's widowed father recently married his sheep-farmin' babe partner of ten years (before disappearing to Saudi Arabia for two years without her. It's a weird relationship, but who are we to talk.) and my partner and I attended the festivities, followed afterward by dinner. We were placed at a table with two married couples of pre-retirement age, thereabouts, and not very carefully introduced, as my partner's father considers our relationship to be significantly less interesting than how many computers we own and what kinds.

We spent what seemed just short of an ice age listening to them attempt to puzzle out their teenage and twenty-something children's usage of the word "gay".

They had, it seems, somewhat adjusted to the fact that it no longer means "happy", though this was a clear struggle for one of the older women. What they didn't get was how it now meant something that was apparently a reference to "that lifestyle, well, you know," but somehow not necessarily derogatory toward "well, what they do, I mean".

My partner and I managed to keep our mouths shut. Frankly, I found it highly amusing, at least compared to the discussion that followed, "I think it's great that people can choose not to have kids and no one hassles them about it anymore, by the way, how many kids do you have?"

Hey, you started the tangent thing, Riley.