Tuesday, June 20

So, No Possible Explanation. Which I Think Means I've Been Paying Attention.

• North Korea prepares to test-fire long-range missile.
• Yes, that's the Korea which is part of the Axis of Evil.
• And it's the Axis of Evil Doer which actually has something of a nuclear capability.
• And it's the very same Korea that five years ago the Bush administration was blasting the Clinton Administration for having dealt with, on the grounds that authoritarian regimes led by unstable cranks cannot be trusted.
• Yes, that would be the same Bush administration which now is willing to deal with Iran.
• Indeed, the very same Iran we've been insisting we could hardline back before we squandered any advantage we had in the region proving George W. had bigger balls than his daddy.
• Yup, that's the daddy who warned him about the little desert adventure before it took place.

Naturally, the upcoming test--and the masterful way the Secretary of State warned of possible consequences up to and including the warning, and Ambassador Bolton rolled up his sleeves, the better to flex our muscle in preliminary discussions with other Security Council members--is just about all the Wingnutosphere can talk about. Glenn had this to say:

While the Malkins saw things this way:

Meanwhile, over at Powerline:

NRO? Reason? Drezner? Volokh?

Well, to be fair, it is World Cup time, and there's the even greater political threat to the homeland in not firing enough invective at John Murtha before he destroys the military, but really, now. This is not exactly some wingnut blog's demand that Lefties comment within twenty minutes on some good piece of news out of Iraq. The North Korean threat is their issue. Or used to be, before the Posture Over Results program worked its special magic.

There was a comment at The Corner, squeezed in among the thoughts on What Sort of Star-Trek Inspired Corner Merchandise To Produce:
N. K. [James S. Robbins]
If the North Koreans follow tradition, they will test their new long range missile by firing it through the air space of another country, probably Japan, maybe the U.S. too if they can reach Alaska. Sounds like a great opportunity to test our missile -defense technology. North Korea has no right to test weapons over other countries, so they won't have a leg to stand on legally. And it would be a great statement of our resolve to stand up to their aggressive behavior. Finally, it would be a high-profile way to demonstrate the effectiveness of our missile-defense systems. For example the Airborne Laser system is up for a flight test this year. Why not make it count?

You'll notice I didn't say it was a good idea for them to comment...


Anonymous said...

Sudden image of Jonah and Ben in Spock Ears. Eeeew.

C'mon. They're busy. Apparently Hillary is plotting to destroy the earth, Murtha is intent on destroying the military, and Al Gore wants to destroy old running mate Joe. Plus, people with suspicious names are committing crimes. They're *busy*, man.

Anonymous said...

Good god, what a moron - they actually believe this star wars crap works!! Unless all the failures launched from Vandenberg have been head fakes to just goad those Koreans to shoot off an ICBM, Mr. Robbins would get cold stairs from the Joint Chiefs if he dared to suggest we publically display our weaknesses.

And these are the pragmatic, tough, real world guys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, missing with the ABM system and thus destryoing the thin layer delusion which may/or may not exists among our enemies about our ability to defend against ICBM attacks. The very delusion from which any possible benefit of the system may be derived. Yeah that's a fucking brilliant plan "Spock" why don't you put on this special red shirt I made for you to play Trek in (nerdie inside joke).