Wednesday, April 18

After Carefully Sifting Through All The Forensic Evidence...

I GOT around to cutting the grass yesterday afternoon--in my defense, the experts say you're supposed to wait until it's unfrozen--and when I finished I came in the house and got a beverage. My Poor Wife, who'd been watching the Wall to Wall in the living room, yelled back at me.

"Did you hear that?"


"What he just said."

"What who just said?"

"The guy with the bowtie. Tucker something. He said, "Kids that age have emotional problems. They take acid and go crazy."

I didn't hear it, but I'm willing to vouch, in case that's necessary. Which I can't imagine why it would be.


Anonymous said...

Profound, man.

Anonymous said...

It's true, I listened to The Final Cut by Pink Floyd for a year as a result of two hits of acid.

Anonymous said...

"OOOO! look at the colors!!" Acid? What year is this again?