Thursday, April 12

Thank God That's Finally Settled

Oh, and thanks again, Salon.


Anonymous said...

I can't figure why they continue to feature her, or why Slate continues to feature Chris Hitchens. Do they really think this somehow represents some kind of - what - "balance"? Between what, the Sane and the Not Sane?

Anonymous said...

Cam Pag reminds me of, and she'd love this analogy, some sort of mythological harpy .

One that seems hell bent on sodomizing any real thought processes.

Anonymous said...

READ SEXUAL PERSONAE! It's ALL THERE! You just need the Paglia decoder ring!

Anonymous said...

".. why she's a global warming skeptic"
She is a global warming skeptic because she is an assklown. Let me hazard a guess that she doesn't offer this explanation, because the key to being an assklown is not to recognize that one is an assklown.
A simple test for assklownery:
Do you possess any of the following?
Round earth skepticism?
Heliocentric skepticism?
Warming planet skepticism?
You are an assklown.

Tom Hilton said...

Answer: because she fucking hates Al Gore.

Now nobody has to read it.