Friday, April 27

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IU student arrested in investigation of false IDs
The Associated Press
April 25, 2007 9:21 PM

An Indiana University student was charged Wednesday with making hundreds of fake identification cards that showed up in at least seven other states.

Nicholas Richardson, 21, of Bloomington faces a felony charge of counterfeiting and a misdemeanor charge of distribution of false government-issued identification, Indiana State Excise Police said.

MR. Richardson, have your attorney contact respected news figures such as Jonah Goldberg, Jeff Greenfield, and Chris Matthews as potential character witnesses. They all explained that fake IDs were "no big deal" and "everybody in college did it" back when it was a Bush Twin in the dock.

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Anonymous said...

Wait, where's Michelle Malkin on this? Isn't making false ids a terrorist threat? What if some terrorists get their hands on these fake ids? What, you say? Oh, he's white...nevermind