Tuesday, April 17

The Constitution Is Not A Murder-Suicide Pact



Anonymous said...

You mean an armed society isn't a polite society as the sacred writings of RAH tell us?

[Aside - thanks for the new color scheme. Rogers over at Kung Fu Monkey was using the same one you had before and it confused me no end, as I tend to open tabs for both of you at the same time. I miss the Pa Kettle portrait, though.]

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

I think you came in in the middle of the remodeling. Blogger's been pushing this upgrade for the past six months, but wouldn't let me play along until a few days ago.

You had to discard all your old color information, so I went ahead and redid it. Old photo's back, too. I'd planned that all along, really.

Weird that the old one was so close to KFM since I thought I'd tweaked everything, but maybe I didn't do very much.