Saturday, November 4

End Times

This cheery recommendation from Amazon:

Meat Loaf is back with Bat Out Of Hell III, the long-awaited third record in the Bat Out of Hell trilogy.


KathyR said...

Since when was that supposed to be a trilogy? I believe that like I believe that George Lucas always had nine Star Wars episodes in mind. Cripes.

palolo lolo said...

"Long awaited"? May I ask by whom? Now,the news that Moby Grape is coming back after 30 years-THAT'S long awaited:)

punkinsmom said...

On the plus side, if it's a trilogy, this has got to be the end of it.

GeoX said...

At the risk of being pointed and laughed at, I will say that the original Bat Out of Hell is pure genius. Ludicrous? Obviously so. But that's kind of the point. When I'm in the right mood, there's nothing better. And, what the hell, BOoH2 ain't so bad either.

Unfortunately, my understanding is that this new one is a rather pathetic attempt to recapture former glory sans Jim Steinman. That can't end well. But on the bright side, the rights to the name revert to Steinman after this, so that should be that.