Saturday, November 18

Happy Birthday

Harry Tyson Moore
Novermber 18, 1905--December 25, 1951

Moore, a school teacher, founded the NAACP branch in Brevard County and later ran the state organization for Florida. (Both he and his wife Harriette were blacklisted from their teaching jobs for their efforts.) In 1949 Moore had protested the beating of the Groveland Four after they were jailed (that is, of the three who were jailed, as the fourth was shot while "resisting arrest"). In 1951 Moore called for the indictment and suspension of Sheriff Willis V. McCall, who shot two of the three while they were shackled and in his custody. Six weeks later, on Christmas Day, the Moores were blown up in their home. Harry died almost immediately; Harriette survived for nine days. Christmas day was also their 25th wedding anniversary.

It's almost superfluous to mention that no one was ever convicted of the crime, which was part of a wave of bombing terror directed at African-Americans across the South in 1951-52.

So tell us, Mr. Goldberg, and honestly, if that's possible: ever hear of the Moores before? Ever hear of the Groveland Four? Care to explain to us who's been blown to bits over affirmative action, or what act of reverse discrimination stands with this single example among thousands of the organized and legalized terror campaign that enforced genuine racism, you pathetic twit?


R.Porrofatto said...

They never seem to complain much about diversity when it comes to the military, do they.

D. Sidhe said...

That has to be one of the most pathetically offensive pieces he's written. By his logic, victims are criminals, working women are sexists, elections are fascist. (Actually, he probably does believe that.)

Molly Ivins notes that there's nothing quite so revolting as the whining of the priviliged as they're about to lose their privileges. I know Jonah's young and foolish, but I suspect he'll be this big a fool when he's old, too. I think, in addition to his ignorance, he lacks the imagination to understand what it might be like to be someone other than himself. Which is a shame, because he should. Without his mother, he'd still be working at McDonald's. And complaining that the illegals get all the good jobs, no doubt.

Still, the sense of entitlement and the ghastly lack of awareness is... revolting. I'd like to send this post to him in the hope that it would make him feel ashamed, and maybe let some empathy creep in. But I'm not sure he's capable of it. Based on what we've seen so far, it doesn't seem likely.

Scott C. said...

I'd like to send this post to him in the hope that it would make him feel ashamed, and maybe let some empathy creep in

Good idea, D.

I just send the post to

D. Sidhe said...

It's on a whole different level, but the fact that he has his own email to deal with responses to his blegs makes me quite sad as well.