Monday, November 6

Look, the Very Concept of the Borat-Speak Headline Died Before You Were Born

Will You See His Movie-Film? (Washington Post)

'Borat' Makes Big One at Box Office (LA Times)

'Borat' Make Glorious Entrance at Box Office (CNN)

Is Very Nice! (Winnipeg Sun)

Borat make sexy-time dress-up in L.A.! (New York Times Magazine)


norbizness said...

Why didn't they go with "Borat makes romance explosion all over box office's stomach" if they're going to crib a line from the movie?

D. Sidhe said...

Too many letters.

I'd have gone with "Borat Box: What a Country!"

pebird said...

Borat jumped the shark with this movie - or at least the highly coordinated PR campaign surrounding this pinnacle of ironic detachment. It's good to see someone talented sell out, but it's time for the rest of us to move on.

BTW, 'ewnsvura' is not a word (referring to the verification code I need to enter).