Friday, November 17


Thanks to Olbermann, where they have Lexis/Nexis, we learned last evening that the hallucinatory portion of Rich Lowry's piece (see yesterday) was self-administered: the part about 55% of the public supporting troop increases in Iraq according to a Times poll, seems to have, uh, misstated the poll result. Sixteen percent supported increasing troop numbers in Iraq. That 55% was the number who said they'd support increasing troop numbers "if that could be shown to get the situation in Baghdad under control". Or something like that; I wasn't taking notes. Say this for the NRO gang: they never let you down. If you think about it, it's really too bad you'll never share a foxhole with any of them.


heydave said...

Although, in a pinch, I'd be happy to stack them up around my in lieu of smart sandbags.

heydave said...

me, me, I said me... doh!