Wednesday, November 8

One Whoop. Medium.

I wasn't expected to join in the general merriment, was I?


Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Indiana contributed three new House members, because it shows what I think I started off trying to say with this blog after the 2004 debacle--that there is still a core of reasonableness in what was written off as perpetual Red State flyover country. It would have been nice to see a more general Throw The Bums Out sentiment torch one of our entrenched Republican districts where the hope that blastocyst Hoosiers will once again be able to pray in public schools trumps all concern over Hoosiers of the actually breathing persuasion.

And this is not to say anything at all about the Democrats' record of accomplishment over the past thirty years as the party which shot its two presidents in the foot and managed, without Joe Lieberman, to hand Ronald Reagan legislative victory after legislative victory. It's too late now to wonder whether the Democrats will behave aggressively in the face of six years of Congressional muggings, and it's been too late to wonder that for so long that it's not even an issue. The Democrats will be the Democrats. That's it. It has to be enough at this point that the thugs who ran the place for the last decade won't be running it come January, or that the Senate might at least start to become a deliberative body again.

Ask the football Eagles of Philadelphia, PA. Ridding yourself of a troublemaker only after he is universally condemned is not the same thing as winning championships. The problem has gone on too long and has become too deeply rooted. Democrats did not fight back against Reagan, and they lost an entire generation. Our public debate has become fatuous, our public men first intellectually dishonest then every other kind of dishonest. Our courts are politicized and our ballot boxes are untrustworthy. The simple understanding of checks and balances most of us mastered by the fifth grade has been turned inside out. We won the Cold War so we could set up our own gulags.

Candy Crowley is still doing election commentary on CNN. I'd like to know how Nancy Pelosi plans to fix that.


Vitamin J said...

As someone who spent several years living in Indiana's "Bloody Eighth" congressional district, I have to admit I cackled when I saw that conservative assclown John Hostettler finally got booted out of office. Whether his replacement, Brad Ellsworth, will make any difference or not remains to be seen, but I bet Ellsworth won't try to bring a handgun onto an airplane like Big H did.

billy pilgrim said...

Failed Speaker Pelosi has been in power OVER EIGHT HOURS and still has no plan for dealing with my hangover.

D. Sidhe said...

Ah, nice. Now everything can stop being Clinton's fault and start being Pelosi's fault. They were never really happy with Clinton anyway. Sure, he's a democratic horndog, but he's still a white middle aged male, and it makes other white middle aged males happier to have a chick to pick on.

And, Doghouse, you strike me more as the sort of good-wine-and-wry-contemplation sort than the drunk-on-cheap-champagne-and naked sort.