Sunday, November 25

TV Guide™ Roundup

And We Do Mean Return: It's either the writers' strike, or global warming recently thawed a group of TV Guide™ correspondents trapped in the ice since that ill-advised Pat Boone Live At Glacier National Park special . Either way, the golden era of letters to TV Guide™ as a window on the political zeitgeist of the North American shut-in circa 1967 appears headed for a comeback. Sharon Murguia, of Victorville, CA, writes to express her appreciation for shows like Friday Night Lights, "where parents try to teach their children to make good and right choices". Her fellow Golden Stater Mark Reyes, of Playa Del Rey, thinks the writers of Ugly Betty need to look up the definitions for "heart," "character," and "entertainment." Massapequa, NY's Herb Stark satirically adds that, given this season's barrage of mindless TV shows and graphically violent movies, he was surprised to hear the writers were on strike, since he thought they already were!

We're left to wonder whether anyone wrote in to demand the network news organizations get off the President's back already, but plenty of other Americans are engaged in traditional pursuits. Heartlander Gena Fisher, of Kidder, MO, says TV Guide™ rules! and adds "Four words: Robert Sean Leonard interview". Both Glasgow, KY's Michael Emberton, and Fort Lewis, WA's Brianna Donovan pledge fealty to The Office's Jim and Pam, despite a recent Jeer. And Maria Maxwell, of Wading River, NY, is disappointed that TV Guide™ spoiled the upcoming Sex and the City movie. They didn't do that sort of thing in the old days. Make over-praised teevee link sausages into movies, we mean.

Cheers: Danny Glover, charm and gravitas; Brian Williams, SNL; Elizabeth Banks, funny childbirth.

Jeers: Rules of Engagement, stranding Heather Locklear in a thankless, laughless role; AMC, running Mad Men reruns out of sequence.

Reader Jeer of the Week: Roy Herstein of San Fran notes Cold Case's anachronistic casting of 70-somethings Ralph Waite and Len Lesser as thirty-somethings in 1938.

That's a thirty!!


pookapooka said...

The trouble with you, Rile, is thta you are so thorough in your necessary surgery that you leave nothing for any of us to say, that or it's hard to leave a choerent comment amid the constant guffawing.

pookapooka said...

nto ot mnetoin th spellgn -- my only alibi is tears copiously flowing from teh guffaw.

the bunny said...

Move over, David Brooks, you effete Northeastern intellectual. Let a real man show you how it's done.

Grace Nearing said...

Jeers: AMC, running Mad Men reruns out of sequence.

[Smacks forehead]. You mean there's no time-fractured narrative?!