Tuesday, November 27

Understanding Alien Cultures

"She liked sex. She was like those girls in high school who amazed you because they actually liked sex.”

--Danny Fields on Linda Stein.

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D. Sidhe said...

It has less to do with liking sex than not giving a damn that the guys you fuck are inevitably going to trash your reputation and you'll spend the rest of your high school career as the slut guys try to fuck in a car but won't invite to a dance or take to dinner.

It also has less to do with not liking sex than not appreciating the high pressure tactics (whether to blow them, to fuck if you're not sure you want to fuck *this guy*, to do weird shit you're not remotely interested in, the arguments over condoms, the lies about disease and sexual history) which make something that ought to be fun, sex, into something often quite like date rape.

In other words, gentlemen, it's not that high school girls mostly didn't like sex. It's that they mostly weren't interested in sex with high school boys.