Tuesday, September 2

Dear Senator McCain:

JUST to clarify, I agree that the pregnancy of young Miss Palin is a personal matter.  I do, however, believe that under the First amendment we are justified in asking whether the father is Janet Reno.




Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

Do you think that Gov. Palin's revelation that her daughter is pregnant will get reporters to ask the sons of candidates if they have impregnated any girls? Were abortions paid for by the sons or fathers or her parents?

It really isn't anyone's business and what I hope to see is that someone will notice and pull back so to speak. Yeah, right. My "liberal" friends ( I haven't been able to call myself one since the Democrats have been so charming this year--let's just say I am no knee jerk reactionary fascist ) have been particularly idiotic about it forgetting that it is the young woman's choice.

Again it sure beats talking about something important like oh infrastructure or Russia or Equal Pay.

Is McCain for equal pay for Gov. Palin or does she need more training?

Julia said...

actually, Governor Palin isn't for equal pay for Governor Palin.

Have to say, though, she doesn't seem to be turning 23% of her salary back. Nice to have a government job.

Hattie said...

Hmm. I like your work, but that seems sexist to me. Or maybe I don't get it?

Grace Nearing said...

Again it sure beats talking about something important like oh infrastructure or Russia or Equal Pay.

Always a sign of the end of empire. It's as though nearly every American adult is suffering from lead poisoning and tertiary syphillis and the media elite are suffering from lead poisoning, tertiary syphillis, and brain herpes.

D. Sidhe said...

Hattie, the Janet-Reno-is-her-father thing is a nasty "joke" McCain made about Chelsea Clinton. So, yes, horribly sexist, also cruel to the three women involved, but not on Doghouse's part.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

And Palin is a book banning mayor who threatened the librarian's job if she didn't ban those filthy books. I don't know which filthy books but I don't believe in banning any book, any where, any how. Okay, no kiddie porn but Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll's photography might be banned under V-P Palin's morality crusade Does Laura the Librarian support such efforts?