Tuesday, September 23

Economics Blegging

I'M thinking of writing a book. After reading the Amity Shlaes Rapid Response Team's reply to Roy I decided it was irresponsible not to.

And, as I've said, I know nothing about the subject, but I figure you must. So, a few questions:

1. I notice this is all still Jimmy Carter's fault. Does Economics time limit to such things? Is it measured in generations, or the movement of tectonic plates? Does it stop once Modern English has become what Chaucer is today, when "Jimmy Carter" looks like "Scyld Scefing "?

2. Wasn't Social Security in crisis just a few months ago? 

3. Similarly, that drawer with a piece of paper in it, the one which was the actual Holy of Holies of Social Security? If the Bush administration had managed to "privatize" the system, how long before it would turn up on eBay? Would the paper still be inside, or listed separately?

4. Does Jonah Goldberg save his really stupid shit for Fridays? Like the government does?

4a. Nobody should go to jail? Didn't countless accountants, CFOs, and CEOs sign off on information which was quite possibly fraudulent? Or do they keep that stuff in condoms, under their tongues, and ready to swallow? Whatever happened to that good ol' Right Wing Lawn Order stuff? File some RICO charges and we get to confiscate everything, right? We'll be Budget Surplussin' like it's 1999.

5. The one piece of economic advice I ever listened to in my life was the idea of husbanding wealth, erring on the side of conservatism, without the quotation marks, managing risk wisely, and never trusting the big, flashy score. Is that properly spelled "Sucker" or "Sucka"?


Monkay said...

File some RICO charges and we get to confiscate everything, right?
I like it!

James Stripes said...

It is Carter's fault. If he had won his campaign for reelection, none of this would have happened. There would have been no President Reagan, and thus no Vice President Bush elevated to President and then the elevation of his dimwitted son.

Of course, Rumsfeld and Cheney who had known a taste of power under Nixon and Ford might have found some other electable lackey to do their bidding and we still might have found ourselves in this mess--not just the financial crisis, but the crises in our energy consumption and our crisis of legitimacy due to the unholy war we're waging in oil producing regions at the south door of the former Soviet Union now pissed off at us again.

Blame it all of Carter because he's still busy making enemies as he looks for peace in the Middle East as every true Christian should.

R. Porrofatto said...

Damn, Goldberg should just preface everything he writes with, "The following is my regurgitation of a bunch of talking points that the other guys at National Review have been using. I'm not sure what they mean or if they're true or not but they take up space, and for someone who doesn't know what he's talking about they sound impressive, especially when you consider that I'm a complete imbecile."