Wednesday, September 24

Irrational Bush Hatred Watch

HE'S at 19%, and 17% on the economy. He has to look up to to see Nixon's ass.

My Poor Wife has to listen to this every night, though it's her fault for turning on the local "news": ever since the teleprompter readers, and, especially, their bosses, started getting a little pinched when they filled up the family Panzer, which translated into their deciding that "regular" people, the ones not located on the police blotter, might be feeling the pinch, too, in their own, regular little way, which means sending "field" "reporters" around the region to stick microphones in the faces of Hoosiers for the purpose of getting the Real Poop. And I always say the same thing (well, "say" is a bit mild there):

Who th' fuck'd you vote for?


What did you think you were ("re-")electing?

Look at the graph. Bush's approval ratings plunged in September 2004, and then rose just enough to put him back in charge.

Who are you people? Does it ever occur to you that your real civic duty is to avoid voting?

Mayor Gomer got his first budget passed Monday night. The street hairdos on whatever channel my wife had temporarily lighted upon couldn't find a single person who'd admit to knowing anything whatsoever about it. This is, presumably, the same group that was so outraged about the budget last year they threw out a popular Demopublican mayor in favor of a guy whose name they didn't know. And the 6% option tax they were irate about last year--proposed, and enacted, in order to recruit more police--remains, but now without the police part.

And yet, people can still breed without a license. It seems to me our one great hope, currently, the one shining light, is that they're all avoiding routine immunization on the basis of something someone else told them they read somewhere.


Uncle Omar said...

Look, Doghouse, there's only one sub-species specifically bred for intelligence and it isn't the one we're of which we are part. It is border collies. Let them vote, they're smarter than the average Republican no matter how you look at it.

R. Porrofatto said...

Mr. 17% On The Economy is going to ululate to his stupefied masses on the teevee tonight to win their approval to attack Wall Street with billions of dollars. I'm hoping that Colin Powell will open for him with a scary slide show of bread-lines, soup kitchens, and suicides, or maybe a Ken Burns-style video with Ethel Merman singing Down in the Depths on the Ninetieth Floor and Studs Terkel doing voiceovers.

LittlePig said...

Help us Reverend Malthus, you're our only hope...