Saturday, September 13

Fun With Monogamy, Vol. CCCIX

MY Poor Wife, informed Thursday that her blood pressure was elevated, and I were going over low-sodium  menus.

PW: There's the vegetable stew* you make. I like that.

DR (who couldn't possibly be a source of hypertension): You never eat it! I don't make it anymore, because you never eat any! You won't eat summer squash.

PW: I'll eat squash. It's one of the other ingredients. What's in it?

DR: squash, zucchini, turnip, onions, tomatoes...

PW: Zucchini. I don't like zucchini.

DR (who might be mistaken for flabbergasted at this point, if you didn't know him): Zucchini! What's the difference between summer squash and zucchini?

PW: Lipstick.

* Heat 2 T. olive oil in heavy-bottomed casserole
Saute 2-1/2 cup coarsely cubed onions until soft
Add 1c. vegetable stock, aromatic spices (say 1 tsp each ginger, chili, coriander, 1/4 t. cardamon, cinnamon, allspice, plus cayenne to taste), 1-1/2 cups chopped peeled Roma tomatoes,
Bring to boil
Add 1-1/2 cups sliced carrots, cover, reduce heat to low, cook 10 min.
Add 2 sliced summer squash, 2 sliced zucchini, 1 medium turnip, coarsely cubed, 1 cup chick peas, 1/2 cup raisins which have been plumped in hot water
Cover, simmer 30 minutes Serve over cous-cous.


apstein said...

OK, I'm stumped. The zukes have lipstick, uhm, on them?

Julia said...

dude. Roasted garlic and cumin. Maybe a little sage.

zencomix said...

Have you tried increasing water consumption to balance out the sodium instead of going low sodium? It works really well for me, and water is alot cheaper than the blood pressure medicines.

aimai said...

"inni food, inni food, why do we always have to have inni food?"--Hysterical Father from Breaking Away.

I totally don't see what summer squash or zucchini has to do with "low sodium." Decrease sodium by increasing *flavor* like adding chili pepper, smoked paprika, and lots of garlic to things and let the salt take care of itself.


Scott C. said...

I can't abide anything in the squash family, to the point where the mere mention of it activates the gag reflex. But I've never managed to escape it with snappy quip. My compliments to the Poor Wife; and my condolences to the chef.

ignobility said...

mmmmm... zucchini with lipstick is one of my favorites.

Blue Gal said...

I'm gonna try making summa dat. With the garlic. Thanks.