Sunday, April 30

Happy Birthday

Reverend Gary Davis
April 30, 1896--May 5, 1972

What a remarkable run of muscian birthdays for April: Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, Billie Holliday, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Richard Thompson, Lowell George, Roy Orbison, Don Gibson, Iggy Pop, Albert King, Leon Russell, Johnny Shines, Alberta Hunter, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Cliff, Merle Haggard, Tiny Tim. December has all the commedians. Which explains why my guitar playing is so funny.


Anonymous said...

But wait, I'm a December baby(1949) and my guitar-playing ain't all that bad. Hell, I survived learning on a Sears Silvertone acoustic from '62. Phone cables were easy after that! And I'm still playing my 3 electric and 1 acoustic,damn it! I ain't deaf or dead yet.
Rockin out in Honolulu,formerly in Il.

Anonymous said...

What, no Silvertone electric with the amp in the case?

Anonymous said...

No,but I did get to "Pete Townsend" the poor guit when the action finally became impossible and I talked my parents into a new Fender for HS graduation. A '68 Jazzmaster,candy apple red! It was gorgeous. My playing really improved on that instrument. That's when I really learned that a good tool makes a WHOLE lot of difference. Unfortunately, it was stolen during a friends wedding. I just hope whoever took it, played it and didn't just sell it for the $$.
Still rockin' in the free world(what's left of it...)