Monday, April 3


• The power has blipped here five times in the last four days, which hasn't cost me a post yet, but has necessitated countless hours restarting the computer and digging through stuff. And don't get me started about the weather coverage. It's Spring Break, I'm babysitting Neighbor Dog, trying to get the landscape up to speed, keeping my Poor Wife entertained and on her exercise schedule, and probably pumping out the basement before long, all in my spare time. I suppose it's time to actually install the tax software I bought two weeks ago. If there's a joke here it's that I thought I was going to get back to my more-or-less regular blogging schedule this week.

• I was close; I had a long goodbye to the Crunchy Bunch finished yesterday afternoon, but I was too tired to get around to editing it. I think it'll appear later, but in the meantime, Rod Dreher is a serial prevaricator, and Jonah Goldberg a bulbous pantload.

• Mitch Daniels was roundly, roundly, resoundingly booed at halftime of the Pacers game the other night, after which he said he wouldn't have gone except for the Reggie Miller retirement ceremony, like he thinks they'll invite him to speak anytime he shows up at a game. This is a Republican governor in Indiana, fer chrissakes, and he's only been in office fifteen months.

• I may have to watch that Rita Cosby person for a night or two; if so, expect some ensuing crankiness. I was basking in the warm glow of Alex Pareene's star-making appearance on Olbermann the other night, so much so that I left the thing running when Raspy McDimbulb came on, then I had to keep watching because she was dealing the the Duke rape story, and she seemed suddenly to have become a civil libertarian; it was all "alleged" this and "alleged" that. At one point she asked someone a question about the victim "changing her story". This is the woman who has routinely complained that Dutch justice on Aruba doesn't employ thumbscrews.

• Also nice to hear Condimelda* Rice call for the speedy implimentation of a new government in Iraq, after all these months of listening to her fellow liars clucking about the twenty years it supposedly took for American democracy to take hold. She also suggested that Iraq needs a strong leader who can unify the populace. Like the Army needs a gun that'll kill all terrorists with one shot. Are these people even aware it's no longer possible to say one thing domestically and another internationally and not get found out even in this country?**

* Chris Clarke

**After the ruling in Brown the Eisenhower administration was at pains to keep that portion of the population which was allowed to vote from thinking this was a Republican decision, while at the same time Voice of America radio touted the great humanitarian breakthrough to the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Raspy McDimbulb!

Ohmigod, I'm dying! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I have long held that conservatives, and the current crop in particular, don't understand the nature of videotape. Thus they say something, and then deny it, and feel that it's their word against our memories.

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are exemplary cases: they seem to understand that people hear their broadcasts, but don't seem to understand that this may have been recorded in addition to being transmitted.

Tom DeLay does the same thing, as does our only president.

The worst part is, they're fairly close to right. Media Matters is paying attention, and so are we liberals, but the rest of the nation is pretty well convinced we went into Iraq at least in part to give them democracy.

Never mind that, though. Tell us more about Dreher.