Friday, December 15

Regrets, I've Had A Few

For one, there's the fact that Leni Riefenstahl didn't live long enough to film the Rumsfeld Farewell Rally.

Alternately, that somebody tossed out Nixon's old Palace Guard uniforms.


Anonymous said...

somebody tossed out Nixon's old Palace Guard uniforms.

I knew I didn't imagine them! Thank you for remembering -- and it was Nixon's own design, wasn't it! I only saw a sketch in a magazine once and it looked like something out of 19th century Prussia, as I recall. Have you ever found a picture? Like the ephemeral Cop Rock whose sublime whackness I long to show skeptics who refuse to believe my description, the Nixon WH Guard uniform has eluded my best efforts.

Porlock Junior said...

That's very odd, now that I hear of it. The uniforms were definitely in the papers at the time, though not really all over the place, perhaps because the whole thing was so embarrassing. And they really did have that Ruritanian look. "Prussia", though, gives them too much credit. Prussians were serious.

Porlock Junior said...

It ain't much, but
at least gives you the uniform hat, and it doesn't take much to extrapolate that to the rest of the uniform.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, I'll settle for the hat. Now that I see it, you're absolutely right, it's more toy soldier Ruritania than anything worldly. (BTW, your link is a bit off. I found the picture on that site, but here.)