Friday, April 16

Friday "It's 85º Here, I Guess That Proves Jim Inhofe's Family Are A Bunch Of Inbred Morons" Spring Blogging

Speaking of inbreds, new tulips Caroussel (top) and Monsella:

Greigii tulips and Siberian bugloss:

Herb bed:

Elm, vines, rocks, myrtle, sweet woodruff, intruding tulip:

One is serene, the other not so much:


Unknown said...

Beautiful pics.

But you do realize that you have to use the Ole Professor method:

If the Lefties can say that an uncharacteristically big snow in Jan-Feb is evidence of climate change, then uncharacteristically warm weather in Spring means climate change doesn't exist.

It's only fair.

Get with the program.

TM said...

I'm willing to give Inhofe and his family the benefit of the doubt, and so I'll entertain the possibility that he might just be a cynical tout for the petroleum industry, and not the product of kin-love.

His constituents on the other hand...

TM said...

And on a positive note: lovely garden!

Anonymous said...

Does your neighbor ever offer to help you clean up the weeds in your yard? Looks great by-the way.

Anonymous said...

I feel a sense of kinship: I too have species tulips in bloom and an unserene silver-grey cat.

I see you call the evergreen ground cover "myrtle". I prefer vinca, the binder, the fetterer. Even better is vincapervinca, which somehow gets across the notion of unstoppable conquest. I spent a chunk of yesterday pulling the stuff out of what used to be the bottom end of a mixed border before the vinca overwhelmed the grass strip that formerly held it back. Impressive stuff. Man (or woman) proposes, Nature disposes.

I love your garden photos.

Li'l Innocent

Murr Brewster said...

Logical fallacy. That doesn't prove Inhofe's family is a bunch of inbred morons, any more than a cold winter in D.C. proves Al Gore's nuts.

There are many, many, many more ways of proving Inhofe's family is a bunch of inbred morons.

mervis said...

Wow, these are some photos - sudden improvement from the last garden post I saw. Maybe a different camera?

We once had a 20-pound garden cat, blue-gray same as that one.

Tim Shortell said...

That's a great photo of Larry.

JMC said...

"Logical fallacy. That doesn't prove Inhofe's family is a bunch of inbred morons, any more than a cold winter in D.C. proves Al Gore's nuts."

...Can we leave Al Gore's nuts out of this, such a nice Spring post'n'all? I'm merely axing, politely.

Butch Pansy said...

Your garden looks like a great place to recover from dealing with the pernicious Wingnuttias you encounter outside the picket fence.

Pedantic quibble: that's Tulipa tarda, not T. X "Gregii". It's a personal favorite, along with T. saxatilis.