Friday, April 2

Your Friday Moment of Doug*

Or, the reply I shoulda made to this and didn't:

"Gee, I've wanted to do this ever since I first heard Negro music!"

*Kenney, RIP, you whippersnappers. At least have the decency to read the credits the next fifteen times you watch Caddyshack.


culuriel said...

Am I a terrible person? I have no idea what this post means. And I'm old enough to remember Caddyshack.

grouchomarxist said...

Am I a terrible person? I have no idea what this post means.

It's geezer humor, culuriel, from the glory days of the old (good) National Lampoon: A thoroughly sick and hilariously demented parody piece written by the great Doug K., titled "First Blow Job".

And no, I wouldn't say you're a terrible person -- at least, not for not catching the reference. Hell, you may even be a better person for not (like Riley and me) having warped your mind at an impressionable age with this stuff.

At least you won't find yourself in my current predicament, with iced tea up my nose from that perfect pairing of inane story with devastating "sums up the stupidity" quote.

Damn you, Riley!

culuriel said...

Oh no. I just read First Blow Job. Maybe I'm feminazi, or maybe humor's changed alot. I'll just stick to Caddyshack, thanks.

Larkspur said...

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Anonymous said...

It took some surfing before I found "First Blow Job" at . I knew it sounded familiar. I had that issue of National Lampoon as a kid. . .

I must disagree with culuriel. I think it's hilarious. I have a cousin who read a lot of those pulpy teen romance novels when she was younger. . . it's all I can do to stop myself from sending her a link.


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