Thursday, May 5

Other Beer Producing Countries Whose National Holidays Remain Sadly Unexploited

Australia Day Jan 26
The Netherlands, Queen's Day Apr. 30
Canada Day July 1
Belgium, Flemish Independence Day July 11
England, Guy Fawkes Day Nov. 5
Scotland, St. Andrew's Day Nov. 30
Japan, Emperor's birthday Dec. 23

I'd add Bastille Day but there's no commercial potential.


Anonymous said...

Not so. Canada Day this year will be my partner's and my thirteenth anniversary. Or is it fourteenth? If I can't remember, I'd probably better start buying the chocolates now, huh.

Hokie said...

I rather don't like Japanese beer, though. Kirin Ichiban is the only one I've had that I really enjoy.

Guy Fawkes Day should be celebrated everywhere, though.

MAO said...

Canada Day should be coulc turn it into a five day drunkopalooza with the fourth of july

Anonymous said...

"Everyone's Scottish on St. Andrew's Day!"

"Everyone's Japanese on the Emperor's Birthday!"

Dunno. Needs work.