Monday, May 9

Ya Gotta Love The Playoffs

Alex Pareene's on fire!

The Poor Man owns the paint!

James Wolcott from downtown!

Driftglass: money!


D. Sidhe said...

So why are you planning to fake your own death? I hope it's not because I asked if I could stalk you. I wasn't serious, I promise.
If it has something to do with a road trip with Elvis and Bigfoot, though, then carry on. Perhaps you could blog from location under an assumed name.

doghouse riley said...

Au contraire, I've been telling anyone I meet, "I have a blog. And a stalker." The instant admiration is almost too much to bear.

I fake my own death every decade or so. It's just a maintenance thing, like adjusting your portfolio.

D. Sidhe said...

Carry on, then. The Bigfoot/Elvis/Doghouse tour would have been cool, though.