Monday, August 29

The Carousel Will Not Be Turning Until Further Notice

The New Pornographers: Twin Cinema. Nine thumbs up, at least.


Pepper said...

ooooh-ooooh! aren't they just the best? i saw them live once, and i could go on and on.

new pornographers: redeeming canadian music for the rest of the century.

D. Sidhe said...

Don't make me list other Canadian groups that rock. I have errands and stuff to get to today.

Check out The Weakerthans. It's not all Gordon Lightfoot and Celine Dion. Plus: the Arrogant Worms are fun, but my trump card? The Tragically Hip.

Anonymous said...

another fine Canadian band I just discovered - Hot Hot Heat. Their newest sounds like they put XTC's Drums and Wires in their iPods and hit repeat a few thousand times. Beauty.

Scott1960 said...

Ten thumbs up to the Tragically Hip! If you get a chance to see them live... Say Hi to Gordie for me.