Sunday, August 21

Happy Birthday

William "Count" Basie Aug. 21, 1904–April 26 ,1984
Joe Strummer (John Graham Mellor) Aug. 21, 1952–Dec.22, 2002

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Alex said...

Bo Diddley on the Clash:
"I was the first, y'understand, but what The Clash were doing was the same thing. They were keeping it going and rock'n'roll ain't dead yet. I had 'Cops and Robbers' and The Clash had 'Police and Thieves,' get me? I gave them stuff, too. Like they use 'Clash' in songs same way I write a song called 'Bo Diddley.' Like 'Clash City Rockers.' They got that from me.
...The Clash were a damn good group but they were too loud, man."